Being part of the next TV broadcast revolution by building a bridge that connects innovative research to TV broadcasting by designing breakthrough solutions, by skilfully exploiting knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies, materials and software in order to improve the quality of the transmission and signal processing and, in so doing, guarantee TV Broadcasting content to reach people no matter where they are.

TV Broadcasting Equipment – 28 years of experience

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Who we are

Screen – founded in Brescia in 1988 – is an Italian leading company in development, manufacturing and selling of complete multi-standard solutions for digital broadcasting. The company has headquarters in Brescia and facilities in Milan, Padua and Rome.

What we do
Screen offers a complete range of equipment for analogue and digital television signals transmission and processing, capable of meeting the increasingly sophisticated and demanding needs of a constantly evolving market. The constant quest for advanced, innovative and reliable technical solutions underlies the company’s basic competitive strategy.

Why we do it
There are huge business opportunities and extraordinary benefits for the entire TV broadcast industry value chain. Screen adds value by providing innovative solutions to increasingly improve the quality of the transmission and signals processing, and in so doing build a win-win business model.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create the best solution for TV Broadcasting Industry that guarantees the transmission and processing of signals while providing competitive advantages that empowers our customers not only to better face the continuous market challenges but also to be successful in a very high competitive field.


Focused on the TV broadcasting industry, Screen devotes all its time, resources and know-how to develop the most advanced solutions. Thanks to our rich experience, knowledge and specialisation in the TV broadcasting field we are able to work out the solution that perfectly fits your broadcasting needs. The most advanced technologies put Screen ahead of our competitors and allow us to offer a wide range of dedicated and up-to-date solutions, thus granting your TV broadcasting network a leading position in the market.

With over 28 years experience providing end-to-end solutions including designing, planning and realising systems network, Screen is the ideal partner of the most demanding and technologically advanced broadcaster.


Research & Development

A focus on technological innovation is Screen Future’s main strength and it has featured our business since the beginning of our history. To reach the highest level of technological innovation, Screen invests every year a considerable budget on Research & Development.

Our Research & Development department provides an excellent and experienced staff of engineers with the means to build a well-organised team, at pace with state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Synergistic combination of professional skills
  • Modern laboratory technologies
  • Ongoing study of the most advanced technology, software, materials and tools developed by the global scientific community


All design activities are aimed at providing practical and efficient solutions suited to the customer’s needs, which provides a constant stimulus in the direction of product renewal and innovation.

The aptitude of group work and the desire to continually renew, has permitted Screen Future to develop innovative solutions and join the market with a “know-how” currently demonstrated in our complete range of avant-garde equipment.

Unique attention is devoted to equipment safety and innovation technology together with the guarantee of easy use and maintenance.