OMNI-Link: Fixed or Mobile, Quasi Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS), Robust DVB-T2 modulation

1W rms

The OMNI LINK is a 1W RMS, COFDM DVB-T2 based, microwave link, assuring great robustness of operation and extreme signal quality even in non-line-of sigh alignment conditions. The OMNI LINK is very flexible and can be configured upon specific customer needs. Inputs can be Analogue Audio/Video (optional encoder), ASI or IP with automatic redundancy switch. At receiver side the user can select either ASI , ASI over IP or analogue output. The RF head is totally frequency agile within frequency sub-bands in the 2-11GHz range and is equipped with low-phase-noise local oscillators, assuring very high signal stability. The Modem and the Receiver are housed in a single 19“ 1U rack chassis, and are both equipped with a very user-friendly LCD interface. A complete remote control of the Modem unit is possible by means of different cabled or wireless telecommunications networks. All parameters can be quickly and easily managed through a remote PC connection for a comfortable control and monitoring inside an OB Van or in any other network location by means web browser-based access.

Designed for multiple Fixed or Mobile applications

Quasi Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS)

Robust DVB-T2 modulation

Bandwidth: 6-7-8 MHz

Bit Rate up to 50Mbps

Simplex (mono-directional) or Double Simplex (bi-directional) configurations

Inputs: ASI – ASI over IP (Analog Optional )

Outputs: selectable over a wide range of interfaces

Easy setting /monitoring in Local or Remote modes.

Front Panel Color Display available

Full SNMP commands available

Heavy Duty Tripode with a 2,5 meters telescopic pole, 360° azimuth/-60/+90° elevation adjustment



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