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PRO RX S2 with Decoder

Professional Satellite Receiver with Decoder

The PRO RX S2 is a DVB-S/S2 receiver with up to three ASI outputs designed for the primary distribution of mobile and/or terrestrial television over satellite. Operating in compliance with the DVB-S2 standard, the PRO RX S2 is capable of demodulating multiple MPEG transport stream in multi-stream mode: once received the input multi-stream, the transport streams are separated again based on their DVB-S2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI), then the desired services are descrambled by a CAM (Smart Card – common interface) modules with commonly adopted CAS in the market. With ASI and IP interfaces for input and output, PRO_RX_SAT 2 can be integrated into any head end systems for content delivery and re-distribution. (Professional Satellite Receiver, DVB S2 Professional Receiver).

Audio and Video services are decoded and available on several interfaces.

PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder
PRO RX S2 with Decoder

RF Input
Connector used as input to the systems
• N° input: 1 for each receiver board
• Connector type: LNB (female)
• R input: 75 Ω
• V input: 1.75 V
• Frequency: 950 to 2150 MHz
• DVB-S (ETSI EN 300 421)
• DVB-S2 (ETSI EN 302 307)
1 x Common Interface (for each receiver)
Connector used as input CAM
• Connector type: PCMCIA
• DVB-CI EN 50221-1997
• BISS descrambling - up to full TS
• CA Methods : MultiCrypt, SimulCrypt
1 x FastEthernet (Management)
• Connector: RJ45
• Standard supported: IEEE 802.3
3 x ASI Output (same content)
• TS Descrambled (TSD)
• Connector type: BNC
• Input: 75 ohm, 800 mVpp (500 to 1200mVpp)
• MPEG-2 TS ISO/IEC 13818-1
• CEI EN 50083-9,
Management of the devices is made through:
• Java GUI on Ethernet connection.
• SNMP agent.
Power Supply
• Dual Power Supply (only in 1+1 or 2+0 confinguration)
• 110/220V AC Auto Switching
• 48V DC (Option on Request)

Audio/Video decoder section description:
Video standard supported:
• H.264/AVC: Level 4.1 high profile video decoder
HD video resolution supported:
• 1920x1080i30
• 1920x1080i25
• 1280x720p60
• 1280x720p50
SD video resolution supported:
• 720x576i25 compliant PAL-BG
• 720x576i29 compliant PAL-M
• 720x480i compliant NTSC
Audio standard supported:
• MPEG-2, layer I
• MPEG-2, layer II
• DolbyÆ Digital (AC-3) stereo down-mix
• Dolby Digital 5.1 passthrough
• Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3)
• Dolby E passthrough
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