LAW 675/1996 – information and request of consensus.
Following the Art. 10 of the law 675/1996, Screen Future S.r.l. would like to assure you that any of your personal details (I “Dati”) will be used as follows:

Information on how to handle personal details 

The law dated 31/12/1996 No. 675 guarantees that your personal details will be handled by respecting the rights, all the fundamental freedoms and dignity of any individual, especially the privacy and the personal identity.
The law foresees that the individual receives all the information on the use of any of its personal details and is asked for the consensus to use them with a written notice.
The handling of the details, for which our company asked for the consensus, is necessary to comply with the law and the contract and for the correct assertion of your rights.

The purpose of handling your details

We wish to inform you that all the details obtained by different means ( document to request information, contact details, advertising documents, document to request personalized prints) are summarized as follows : last name, name, VAT number, business sector and its applications, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, comments and enquiries and are used in compliance with the law 675/1996 for the following purposes:

  • To make statistical and marketing research;
  • To send promotional materials;
  • To make direct sales or to hire;
  • To send commercial information;
  • To guarantee pre-sales and post-sales assistance
  • To monitor customer satisfaction
  • To invite to training and promotional events

People in charge of handling your details

Your details for the above-mentioned reasons will be handled either electronically or by other not electronic means respecting the privacy and security regulations foreseen by the law.
The details can be handled, on behalf of our Company, from employees, professionals or a Company in charge of carrying out specific data processing or activities additional to those of our Company and necessary for the executions of all operations and services of our Company.
The holder handling your details is Screen Future S.r.l. and the Department in charge of this task is the Marketing Department atScreen Future S.r.l.

Communications of the details 

Based on the existence of a network of correspondence, both electronic and written, your details can be made available abroad, even in Countries outside the EU and can be forwarded to:

1. employee of the Company not specifically involved;
2. Company or other individuals that are doing outsourcing for our Company.

Rights of the individual concerned

Art. 13 of the law 675/1996 recognises to the individual concerned the following rights:
1. As far as the handling of your details the individual concerned has the right to:
a) Be informed with a free access to the register containing the Art. 31, paragraph 1, letter (a) of the handling of any personal details that might interest the individual concerned;
b) Be informed about the content of the Art. 7, paragraph 4, letters A,B and H;
c) Obtain from the holder or the person in charge handling the details without any delay:
1. the confirmation of the existence of any personal details regarding the individual concerned, even if not registered and to be informed by comprehensible means of any of these details and their origin as well as the logic and purpose of handling them; the request can be renewed, with justified reasons, with intervals of more than 90 days;
2. the cancellation, the change in anonymous form or the ending of the handling due to a violation of the law, included those for which it is necessary the preservation due to the reasons why they have been collected or handled;
3. the updates, amendments or, if the parties involved are interested, the integration of any details;
4. the statement that all operations mentioned in points 2) and 3) are known also in their contents by those, whose details have been communicated and spread, except the situation in which such fulfilment is impossible or foresees the use of means expressly out of proportion to the rights of the individual concerned.
2. For any of the requests mentioned in paragraph 1, letter C, number 1, the individual concerned can be asked for a share of the expenses, in case there is no evidence of the existence of any details about him/her, as per the conditions and within the limits foreseen by the article 33, paragraph 3.
3. The rights mentioned in paragraph 1 regarding the details of individuals deceased can be used from anyone interested in them.
4. In the assertion of these rights mentioned in paragraph 1, the individual concerned can confer by writing, delegation or power of attorney of a natural person or an association.
5. The regulation on the personal secrecy for the journalists is limited to the source of the information.

All the graphic material and the documents are of the absolute ownership ofScreen Future S.r.l: any reproduction, even if the partial is forbidden.